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Free Diaper Sample

Hi Mummies, and Mummies -to-be,

Thinking for what type of diapers is suitable for your little darling?

Don't worry!!!! You can actually ask for a sample to try out first before purchasing.

Below are the contact numbers to request for free samples.


For free Diaper sample:

Huggies New Born diapers/Huggies Ultra Diapers/Huggies Dry Comfort/Huggies Pull-Ups Pants/Little Swimmers


Contact number: 1800 484 4437


Drypers Soft/Drypers Wee Wee Dry/Drypantz


Contact number: 1800 466 3002 (Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm)


Fitti / Pet Pet Diaper

Contact Number: 6861 9155


Mamypoko / Pull Up Pants Diaper

Contact Number: 6265 1648


GOO.N Diaper


Contact Number: 6766 3888